Lobster Porridge

Each pot of goodness is cooked with the fresh and succulent meat from the lobsters. This has been our signature dish since 1999, we promise nothing less than perfect!

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Teochew Cold Crab

Authentic Teochew Dish, the Cold Crab.
Cooked and prepared delicately by our chefs, each bite is filled with “Gaos” to satisfy all seafood craving.

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Steven Chicken

The name originated from our head chef, who singlehandedly created this special marinate which we promise is something that you have never tried before. This is a MUST-ORDER every single visit!

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Chinese New Year 2019



CNY 2018-1

CNY 2018-2


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Kindly note that for reservations on Reunion Dinner on 4th Feb 2018 (除夕夜) will require a deposit. Our friendly staffs will contact you soon! Thank you & we look forward to seeing you soon!

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