About Us

In Singapore, we have our a personalized Singapore Chinese cuisine.
Orchid Live Seafood has been in the Singapore Food Scene since 1999, where the original Lobster Porridge had begun.
Being a true Singaporean, all of us love food with exquisite taste. Our lobsters are picked from the finest, with ingredients picked personally by our chefs. Fresh seafood are placed in tanks situated clearly from the diners, they include Fresh Lobster, Fresh Crab, Fresh Bamboo Clams, Fresh Mussels and Fresh Fish etc.
Words are unable to describe the every detail for diners to be with us, therefore, do be here personally to enjoy the pleasant experience!

With our initial location at Orchid Country Club, we had ventured into 2 other locations today, situated at Jalan Kelulut & Bah Soon Pah Road.

At Orchid Live Seafood (Bah Soon Pah), food patrons are able to enjoy meals in the ambiance of nature & greenery. Reminisce the good old days where restaurants are outdoor dining.

On the other hand, Orchid Live Seafood (Jalan Kelulut), our restaurant offers the tranquility of dining in an enclosed air conditioned sitting area.

To avoid any disappointment, please call our outlets for reservations before heading down the restaurants!